About the Photographer Charles Knowles

Charles Knowles

     Welcome to my gallery! My name is Charles Knowles, and I live in Idaho. I enjoy capturing light and movement into a still photograph. I am primarily a landscape photographer, although I also enjoy photographing weddings, family, graduation, and individual pictures.

    My passion for photography began at a young age. As a teenager, I had the privilege of visiting Ansel Adams in his home. Ansel inspired my unique style and design of photography. I deeply appreciate the knowledge and guidance Ansel gave me throughout my young years.

    Now that my children are older, I am fortunate to spend my spare time capturing the beauty of Idaho and surrounding areas. My winter photographs are some of my family's favorite pictures. I hike the snow covered mountains of Idaho in freezing temperatures, in search of the perfect picture. Recently, my family and I find ourselves venturing across the nation on vacations, where I am able to expand my portfolio of pictures throughout the United States.

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site! http://www.knowlesgallery.com/

    If you are interested in any of my photographs, please contact me at: knowlesgallery@yahoo.com.

    Please "like" me on Facebook.

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